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NYC Private School Admissions Details: 2022-2023

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

And just like that, it's September! The start of the school year brings excitement, nerves... and helpful information about applying to private schools. As we've discussed, the private school admissions timeline starts (at least) one year before your child will even step into a classroom at their new school.

Now that Labor Day 2021 has come and gone, the majority of NYC private schools publicly posted their application processes and timelines. And fortunately, you can apply to over 80% of them right now! To help make this process easier for you, our team compiled information from every school's website so that you can better identify schools and organize your family's application schedule.

Do you see a school missing from the below sheet? Just let us know (, and we'll be sure to add it for you!

Here's a link to the Google Sheet that we're excited to share with you, our NYC School Finder community. (It's also posted below if that's more convenient for you -- just be careful, as those columns and rows are truncated.)

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