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Gifted & Talented ("G&T") Programs

Updated: May 8, 2023

NYC offers Gifted and Talented (“G&T”) programs to students with exceptional needs who required accelerated learning. Entrance to a G&T program begins in kindergarten and, historically, was determined based on the results of a standardized test. However, as of February 2021, the 15 year old testing process ( temporarily) shifted to a lottery system, which was conducted in May 2021. That shifted again under Mayor Adams' administration.

There are two different types of G&T programming. First, there are specific program tracks at schools across the five boroughs. Those are located in nearly every school district. Second, there are five NYC citywide schools, where their entire student population receives a G&T curriculum. These schools, which have a lot of control over the curriculum they provide, are:

As opposed to other NYC public schools, these citywide schools have a lot more flexibility with developing their own programming. From writing to math, they have differing areas of advanced focus.

Currently, the process for applying to G&T is as follows (language taken from the DOE website):

  • For current pre-K students at DOE/district schools, Pre-K Centers, NYC Early Education Centers (NYCEECs), or charter schools:

    • Anyone who adds a G&T program to their kindergarten application will be evaluated by their current pre-K teachers.

  • For current pre-K students at private or parochial school programs, or for children who are not yet in school:

    1. Interested families apply by listing a G&T program on their kindergarten application.

    2. After the application closes, DOE's Division of Early Childhood Education contacts applicants to set up interviews.

    3. Then, interviews take place.

    4. Based on these interviews, early childhood education experts nominate eligible applicants for G&T admissions.

More specifics about the current G&T are outlined by the DOE here.

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